About The Blog

I attended church all my life. Sung in many choirs and spoken in front of hundreds of people about the goodness of Jesus and I realized there was something deeper that God wanted from me. This blog is just the start of the deeper that God is calling me too. As I share my writings, I share the testimony of life, I open myself up to journey through the culture we live in and how to reconcile that with the religion you may or may not have grown up with. 

This is not a religious blog! But this blog is an opportunity for us to pause and consider our relationship with culture and our relationship with Christ and decide whose help do we need more? For me, no advice, no friend, no amount of likes is better than Jesus. There is no other help in this world than a relationship with Christ. So this blog is a relationship-building experience for you and me to fall continuously and deeper in love with Jesus. With each passing day, No Other Help gains more followers, and with that, even more success. 

-Stacy Lovelace, Founder