Say Something...I'm giving up on you

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Have you ever wanted to hear from God in your moment of despair? Any sign, symbol, or white flag would do-just so you know that He is there. "Say Something...I'm giving up on you" are the lyrics to a popular song in culture. I have heard those lyrics in the background of many sitcoms and movies. Yet every time I hear them, I cannot help but think about my relationship with God. To easily as Christians we find ourselves ready to give up on God. To give up on our faith. To give up on the people who have supported and loved us the most. Too often we find ourselves, defeated and hopeless...Crying out " Say Something... I'm giving up on you." Can you imagine how that must feel to God? How our trials drive us away from Him instead of towards Him? Yet, in moments of silence in moments where it feels like God is not near, we must remember he is everywhere. He might seem silent but have we slowed ourselves and stopped long enough to hear Him. Have we decided to be still and know that He is God? When we feel like giving up, I would encourage you to ask yourself have given God the chance to speak. Have you been distracted by the world and that is the reason you have not heard from God?

In Psalm 46:10a " Be still and know that I am God!" We love to quote this scripture when we do not feel God. But do we understand how to:

1) Be still

2) And Know

3) That I AM is God

Being still is an action that requires inaction in the situation but activation of faith. It forces us to stop all activity and focus on Jesus. This means we must remove distractions and get closer to God. Being still looks different for all of us- but the main concept is the same-removing self so that God can move not us. It is in the moments of stillness that we give up on God. We allow our faith to weaken when we are still because reliance is on God. We are not taking betters into our own hands and for many of us, it causes doubt and fear to creep in. Being still is Faith work. It is faith in knowing that God is going to move. Being still is Drawing closer work. Moments of stillness should move us towards deeper prayers and more fasting that feeds our faith.

"And Know" is reassurance in your relationship with God. This phrase connects "Being still" and " that I am God". You can be still but without knowing God and understanding the character of God it is pointless. Knowing something means you have a lived experience, or you believe something to be true based on some form of evidence. This scripture is calling believers to activate their faith by being still and knowing. Knowing means you have brought situations and circumstances back to your remembrance to remind you of WHO God has been in your life. This connector phrase "and know" is that reminder that when you activate your faith you will know that God is the I AM. And His silence has purpose and meaning.

T he final part of Psalms 46:10a states "that I am God." This means that God can be all that you need even in silence. He is the great I AM. And when you want to give up, I ask you to think about what is it that need God to say and what is it that you need Him to be? Most of the time, when we need God to say something He has already spoken- He has already given us advice on the very subject we are seeking help with. Have you abided to the words He has already spoken? Knowing the characteristics of God means that can be still because you know He has done it before so he can do it again. I am God- is a declaration that He will be what you need him to be.

God's perceived silence- is our opportunity to activate our faith. To be still and know. Not to give up. But to trust in the fact that when we set aside pride when we set aside distractions when we set aside our agenda that God will be God and He provides us with what we need when we need it.

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